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Letter to Our Patients Regarding Delta Dental Insurance

To our valued patients,

After much deliberation, our office is making an important change - we have decided to opt out as a contracted provider with Delta Dental Insurance Company, effective January 2024. We will remain in-network until the end of the year, so you have plenty of time to ask questions, finalize treatment if needed, and switch insurances during your Open Enrollment period if you wish.


Going out of network doesn’t mean we’re breaking up! You can still come to our office!


What does this mean for you? 

You can continue to receive our high-quality care at Modern Day Dental even when we’re out of network and we will send claims to Delta Dental for you.


A major change is that you will be required to pay for your visit before you leave, and you will be directly reimbursed from Delta Dental, usually within 7-10 business days.


Why are we going out-of-network? 

Unfortunately, being a participating provider for Delta Dental means they reduce our fees by 51% or more. In order to preserve my standard of care for each patient and retain the ability to offer my team with competitive pay, we can no longer allow Delta Dental to sacrifice our fees.


This was a difficult decision for us to make, as we understand this will directly affect you. We hope you will continue to allow our relationship grow but if you choose to seek care from a new dentist, please let us know and we will help with the transition.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Maki by phone call or text (408) 246-3566 or via email



Thank you,


Andrew Day

Modern Day Dental

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