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Carson B.

Picked it because of how close the office is to my home. I stayed because they are friendly, and they do good work. Overall positive experience. They do a good job of giving reminders for cleanings and appointments.

5 stars


Alma G.

I have been coming to see Dr Day and his staff for a couple of years now and it's always a pleasure. The cleanings are painless and the office spotless. Dr Day is very knowledgeable in his craft and so are his staff. They are all gentle with their work, but get things done proper. There's even been an occasion where I've come in to see them while feeling a little glum and they just listened and let me talk. I absolutely love coming here. Highly recommend Modern Day Dental.

5 stars


Yang Z.

The doctor and nurse are both professional and patient. They also give me some kind advice. This is one of the best dental services I have received.

5 stars


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Bart G.

Very happy with the dental treatment I receive from Dr. Day and his practice. I have been with him since he started at this Santa Clara location and everything about it works for me. I like the location, people, service, and price for services. His hygienist keep me on my toes to brush and floss twice daily and keep an eye on my mouth for anything they question with both Dr. Day and myself. The reason for such a high rating is a show of my satisfaction.

5 stars


David D.

Great office with a friendly staff. The doctor was clear and concise in giving information and walking me through the process. The hygienist was very knowledgable and thorough. I am planning on coming back for as long as possible!

5 stars


Quyen H.

Everyone is very friendly and professional at Dr. Day’s office. Dr. Day is a wonderful dentist who is very easy going. Today, it was Amy who cleaned my teeth, and she does it with such a delicate hand! I hope to get her the next time.

5 stars


Dental Equipment

Katrina M.

Dr. Day is professional, friendly, thorough, and great with kids! I recently took my children to a pediatric dentist and had a less than favorable experience. So after mine and my hubby’s visit I decided to see if they’d see my son (5yrs). Dr. Day and his team made my son feel so comfortable. He even saw cavities the first dentist didn’t catch. I saw the spots before he pointed them out and he confirmed. I’ll now be setting up an appointment for our daughter as well (2yrs). I’m happy to call him our family Dentist! The front desk is awesome too. I have so many positive things to say!

5 stars


Ginger C.

Great place, everyone friendly and professional. They take the time with exams and cleanings looking at everything and answering all of my questions. Great place.

5 stars


Aaron B.

Dr. Day has been my dentist for a few years now and I followed him to his new office here. Not only is he incredibly patient and thorough, he takes the time to ensure that I am fully informed of any procedures and answers any question I have. Chris was the technician in charge of my last cleaning, and she did an excellent job quite quickly. Maki the office manager was incredibly friendly and helpful, scheduling and payments were easy and quick as well. My overall experience is nothing less than excellent on any visit. I highly recommend and encourage anyone looking for a new dentist to give Dr Day and his team an opportunity, you will not be disappointed.

5 stars


Dental Tools in Pocket

Crystal A.

Wonderful staff, clean office, overall great experience. Highly recommend if you’re seeking a dentist in the South Bay.

5 stars


Nancy M.

Everything about Modern Day Dental is just exceptional. I highly recommend if you're looking for a new dental office.

5 stars


Alisa B.

So gentle and kind! I have a fear of the dentist and the whole staff treated me so well that my fear is slowly breaking down. Thanks modern day crew!

5 stars


Dental Equipment

Stacia S.

Dr. Day and his staff are so friendly and caring! They never make me feel guilty for not flossing as much as I should! One of my favorite details about my cleaning is that they use warm water! Such a thoughtful touch to make it more comfortable! Maki at the front desk is also a pleasure to speak with. My husband, myself and our 2 kids (15 and 9) all go. The kids have never been scared or hesitant to go to the dentist. I highly recommend Dr. Day! Oh another great service- they book your next appt before you even leave - love that!

5 stars


Julie L.

Dr. Day is an excellent dentist in my opinion. He cares for his patients, often asking during procedures if the patient is feeling pain or not. He is also methodical in his analysis of his patients and is therefore relatively quick in diagnosing problems. Also, when no problems are found he is honest. He doesn't make up problems like some other dentists I've been to have done.

5 stars


Veronica F.

I have been attending Dr Day’s practice for just over a year and I have had a great experience. I lost a filling in my front tooth last year, his office checked my insurance for me, informed of my co-pay, did a great job on my filling, better than the one that fell out. He also did 3 other filings for me. He gave me options for my moving teeth without the “hard sell” that I have experienced in the past. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Modern Day Dental.

5 stars


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