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Warning signs you have a Cavity

Pain or sensitivity in your mouth isn’t something to ignore. They could be signs of a cavity. Left untreated, that could mean a root canal — or even losing a tooth.

The good news: Andrew Day, DDS, specializes in fillings, putting a stop to your tooth decay. He and our team here at Modern Day Dental in Santa Clara, California, can ease your discomfort and protect your overall oral health. But we’re only able to do that if you come see us when you notice the warning signs of a cavity.

To help you learn what to watch for, here are the biggest red flags that you have some tooth decay.

A toothache

Probably the most well-known sign of a cavity, a toothache that sticks around for more than a couple of days warrants a trip to our office. While tooth decay certainly doesn’t cause all toothaches, it’s a common reason you might be feeling that discomfort.

At our office, Dr. Day uses diagnostic tools like X-rays to determine if your toothache stems from a cavity or something else. No matter the cause, he and our team work with you to treat the underlying issue and put a stop to your mouth pain.

Tooth sensitivity

A healthy tooth has a hard outer coating called enamel. But the decay from your cavity can eat away that protective coating, leaving the nerves inside your tooth relatively exposed.

You might have a cavity if you recently developed a sensitivity to:

  • Hot

  • Cold

  • Sweet or sticky foods

If eating or drinking causes tooth discomfort that you haven’t experienced before, visit us so Dr. Day can determine if it’s a cavity.


Sometimes, you’ll see a cavity before you feel it. If you’ve noticed any white, brown, or black staining on one specific part of a tooth, it could be a visual indicator of decay in that area.

Don’t let tooth staining go unaddressed. Even if it’s not really bothering you, if the discoloration stems from a cavity, the decay will only worsen with time. Eventually, you’ll probably feel pain from it.

Treating a cavity

Learning you have a cavity can feel like terrible news, but it’s a situation that’s actually pretty easy to correct, especially if you catch the cavity early.

Dr. Day can put a stop to early-stage tooth decay with a filling. He uses state-of-the-art fillings that he color-matches to your tooth. That way, you protect your tooth long-term and still get a beautiful smile.

If you’re experiencing any of the warning signs we just outlined, don’t wait to call our office or request an appointment online today.

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